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Hello, my name is Antoine Cavalier, I’m a French artist painter. I should like to say thanks to my family and Yo who have been an inspiration for me all along my life and also my friends for their help and support. My life and work would not exist without them.

I was born in 1971. I had been inspired by the impressionist and the realist painting. I studied with famous realist painters like Ted Seth JACOBS and Anthony RYDER. They gave me a different approach of the painting where the precision fusion with emotion. 

Life, it’s a beautiful journey, full of ups and down but endless opportunity. So life is everywhere, it’s an expression, a landscape, an emotion, an instant.

I leave my painting to communicate with you.

My first goal it’s to stay true myself and to express the human feeling in each of my canvas. I don’t believe that we are a single thing but rather a multitude. This web-side is today a little of all us and a lot of myself.

Our emotion keep changing, mine also.. This is why my work contains various styles.

I’m not good with words but I hope that my paintings would speak for itself.

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