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My alienism

Exhibition My alienism

When I was a child, my favorite storybook was “The Little Prince” of Saint-Exupéry.

Like the Little Prince who ventured to new lands on his own, I have immersed myself in similar experiences upon leaving my country of origin, France. Since, I have traveled some and more recently, have immigrated to the United States. As a “foreigner” who is initially identified by a Green Card number, I have felt like a nameless, faceless extraterrestrial creature.

All of us, however, have at one point or another felt isolated, different, self-conscious, and alien in our own skin. We have felt lost at times, looking up to the stars and wondering where our true home is on this expansive Universe.

When you are in a new country, these feelings become truth.

This collection of art pieces reflect this dichotomous idea– that of feeling “alien” yet simultaneously connected to others through the very same human emotions that we all share. The exaggerated faces and hands that predominate the portraits represent that which is actually underneath the surface, within the recesses of our minds. With its enlarged body parts, the subject is depicted as very strong yet its thin body also shows the fragility and vulnerability of being humans.

These paintings, specifically, embody the various feelings and emotions encountered during my journeys in the United States. All of us have different paths in our ultimate journey through Life. Our histories and current experiences change our vision and the manner in which we express it.

Personally, I have chosen to manifest my vision through my oil paintings. My work incorporates spiritual symbols and daily reflections. As suggested by The Little Prince, we can feel alone, even amongst a B.A.R.T.-train full of people or we can feel connected, even when sitting by ourselves, staring up at the stars.

The source of my inspiration comes not from our differences but that which bond us to one another— sorrow, hope, solitude, joy, despair, anger, serenity, love.


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