This collection represent the calm of my spirit along my “journey”, even if in some of the subject paint the feelings are deeper than for others, I feel serene and relaxed

9 Responses to Figuratif

  1. Rosa says:

    Beautiful work!

  2. Patrick Cavalier says:

    Bonjour Antoine,

    Je te félicite pour le chemin parcouru. Je ne suis pas connaisseur mais tes œuvres me touchent.
    Je t’embrasse.
    Patrick Cavalier

  3. Annie Montgomery says:

    Your works are spectacular Antoine! Your figurative paintings with butterflies and the boy in the field are so beautiful-nice designs-and Alienism series very cool-your commissioned portraits and stillifes are beautiful-you really capture the peoples’ essences. Great work!

  4. Myckeul says:

    Beautiful gallery. I am impressed by the variety of work. Everything is a fine and remarkable sweetness, probably a reflection of the artist : we can only reproduce what you are!

    An artist of the present and future!

  5. Leonor carvalho says:

    Dear Antoine, you are a very special artist..Congratulations ! There are spectacular !!!

  6. maria braz says:

    lo felicito de corazón por esa pinturas tan linda, que tenga mucho éxito en tu carrera

  7. Vicky and Milton Armeniakos says:

    Congratulations on this wonderful site! The beauty of these paintings in person are even more stunning. My husband and I purchased the beautiful painting of the women and the stairs. We LOVE this piece. Antoine is an incredibly talented artist that is capable of creating with emotion and soul. We will treasure this painting forever. Thank you!

  8. maria braz says:

    felicidades, por sus bellas pintura, que tenga exito

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